Comic Hit List: The Boys #57

After learning about the history of the Boys in the ‘Barbary Coast’ story arc from Mallory and about Vought-American’s involvement during the Battle of the Bulge, Wee Hughie makes his return to the team. But not everything is peaches and cream with Hughie’s relationship still on the rocks with Annie and the bugs planted on the Seven’s HQ being disabled. The case on Jack from Jupiter is moving slower than molasses in January which is causing Butcher all sorts of grief. And if that’s not all Hughie discovers that Queen Maeve’s relationship with the Legend is very close indeed.

I would score this issue a bit higher if not the for the fact of a certain element missing. Last issue involved a lot of talking and investigating on the part of the Boys which was all fine and all but in this month’s issue it’s pretty much the same thing. Come on Mr. Ennis (The Boys and Preacher), I’m hungry for a little action here. One of the reasons why I love this series so much is all the mad cap gratuitous violence sprinkled into each issue. Here’s hoping in the next issue business will pick right back up.

Grade: C+

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