Comic Hit List: Witch Doctor #1-2

A new medical horror title from Image Comics has made a blip on our radar here by the name of Witch Doctor, which is written by Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe) and art by Lukas Ketner (Witch Doctor and Walking Dead). One part Dr. House M.D., one part Cthulhu, and all part awesome,  Witch Doctor has all the markings of the next big indie hit with everything from the story to the art.

The universe is seen as a living thing with creatures and monsters of legend as its parasites. The cure against such parasites is Dr. Vincent Morrow, the title character of the series, who has been excommunicated from the traditional medical community and put on the high-paced track of the supernatural diagnostics and removal. A brilliant doctor with an acid tongue and a red bladed sword he calls a scalpel, is joined by former paramedic Eric Gast and anesthesiologist Penny Dreadful.

Issue one has the team taking on a child possessed not only by one demon, but a whole slew of them. Seifert’s dialogue really shines throughout the issue, especially the interesting comparison between science and magic, which looks to be a recurring theme in the series. What really stood out for me though, was all the fun toys Dr. Morrow seems to have; everything from the demon extracting Killing Jar to the sedlec umbrella, in which the frame is made from a carved angel shell, and the canopy tanned demon membrane, with a nifty circle of protection spell tattooed onto it.

Issue two takes us to a pediatric emergency, where a newborn baby seems to have been replaced by something not quite human. To cure this infection, the good doctor has to go straight to the root of the problem. In this case, a Faerie Queen has been using the local hospitals as its hunting grounds. The issue ends with an introduction of a character from Dr. Marrow’s past and a creature from the deep blue sea that has the doctor quite nervous. One of the major reasons to buy this issue is Ketner’s artwork, which is delightfully gory and detailed. Combine that with Seifert’s dark humor and comedy (dead baby jokes), and this is a title that must immediately be added to your must buy list right this moment.

Grade: A

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