‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Set Footage and Set Photos Featuring a Good Look at Bane’s Outfit

Over the weekend, The Dark Knight Rises filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With said filming, we were treated with a full shot of Tom Hardy’s Bane outfit. He’s seen standing on top of the new Tumbler. Also check out the video of Batman and Bane brawling while a bunch of inmates and cops duke it out. I’ve realized that this is the first time we see Nolan’s Batman in the daytime. Batman in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight always shows up at night, so to see him in daylight should be interesting.

Batman and Bane Fighting at City Hall

Mellon Institute Action

Batman Brawling

Jailbreak Explosion

Tumbler on the Pittsburg set

It looks like Batman’s having a tough time taking on Bane, even though Bane is shorter than Batman. In the comic, Bane becomes huge and strong thanks to a drug. I’m still not sure if Bane is being pumped with a drug or not, but one thing is for sure, Batman’s having a tough time, especially for a guy that was able to take out a whole SWAT team in The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Rises strikes theaters on July 20, 2012.

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