Comic Hit List: Star Wars the Old Republic: The Lost Suns #2

Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Lost Suns is the third story arc (the others being ‘Threat of Peace‘ and ‘Blood of the Empire‘) from Dark Horse Comics written by Alexander Freed (SWToR: Blood of the Empire) and art by George Freeman (Green Lantern and The Avengers) with a fantastic cover by Benjamin Carre (SWToR: Knights of the Old Republic and SWToR: Threat of Peace). The story ties into the upcoming online roleplaying game Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are dark secrets shrouded behind the treaty which brought and end to the war between the Jedi of the Republic and the Sith Empire. But now once again war threatens the galaxy as rumors of the secrets begin to spread. In the center of it all is Theron Shan the secret son of Jedi Master Satele Shan who served the republic as part of the Republic Strategic Information Service as a spy.

Much like the first issue I found the second to be lacking that special something to hold my attention. It probably doesn’t help matters that the second issue started off rather dry with a lot of background being laid out. It does pick up later on though with a chase scene with machines dubbed ‘Sith Knights’ that added some much needed action to the issue. I will say this about ‘Lost Suns’ it does have potential and lays some solid groundwork for a compelling back story to the Old Republic online game. But as a story itself much like a three legged chair it has trouble standing up on its own.


Grade: C-


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