Bleach: Soul Resurrección Review (PS3)

NISAmerica steps into the realm of the Shinigamis (Death God) and Arrancars with Shonen Jump’s Bleach. Last December it was confirmed that Japan would be releasing a new Bleach game for the PlayStation 3. In May, NISA announced at their yearly event, it would be localizing the game for the US and Europe.

Previous Bleach games were released across Nintendo and Sony platforms in Japan. While all the Nintendo versions, including the GBA and NDS versions, have been released by Sega, the Bleach titles on the PlayStation 2 and PSP were published by Sony. Excluding imports, none of the games were brought over to the US until now, marking the first Sony Bleach game in the US.

Like me, fans of the anime series will be pleased that the game begins at the start of the Hueco Mundo arc and finishes with the final battle of Ichigo versus Aizen. Each chapter has you reliving certain scenes as different characters and fighting Hollows and Arrancar (which could be a huge spoiler for you if you only watch Bleach on Cartoon Network), but if you follow the Japanese subs or manga, this is right up your alley.

The game is non-stop action right from the start. Whether in story, mission or soul attack mode, your job is to cut down enemies using your characters’ abilities, which stay true to their anime version (example: Ichigo has all of his techniques that include Getsuga Tensho, while Ishida uses his Seele Schneider sword style while still using his bow and arrow techniques). The game’s got some more cool moves like flying, quick-step teleporting and signature attacks complete with cutscenes.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección features 21 playable characters from the Bleach anime series (two from the newest movie Bleach: Hell Chapter) unlocked as you proceed through story mode or mission mode. Players will have three modes of play that include story mode, mission mode (with 28 challenges for players to complete), and Soul Attack mode (which has missions that are ranked online).

The game also has a level-up system that allows characters to power up their health, attack power and skill bars, which in turn lets the blast through stages and also help in defeating those difficult missions. Lastly, there is a collection mode where you can get special treats that you can unlock. So far, my Ichigo has reached about level 70 and is still going. The level up system uses the spirit points you collect by defeating enemies and allows you to buy spots on a huge grid; you can go into another character’s grid by leveling up other characters, unlocking the next area.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección incorporates a quick-paced hack and slash game, with the super natural skills of the Bleach cast to create a great counterpart to the anime series, The game also offers fans language options between full cast of English dub voices or the original Japanese voices.

The game gives fans the characters they want, and who wouldn’t want to control Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Final form Ichigo, Byakuya, and your other favorite captains or characters from the series… sorry guys, no Neliel Tu as a playable character.

The downfalls of the game, are the lack of the Visored characters and the shortness of the missions, including story mode. I can deal with the lack of Orihime, Chad, and Urahara, but having the captains versus the Espada without any Visoreds was a little disappointing, and the game’s stages can be too repetitive.

The game releases August 3rd and the first wave of retail copies will have a download code for episodes 190-192 of Bleach for free in standard format on PSN.

Grade: B-

Now Enjoy hearing Ichigo’s English voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch introduce the game to you.

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