Umbrella Corporation Site Gets Hacked

So I was trying to apply as a researcher at the Umbrella Corporation Science website, but those damn Inserted Evil rebels have hacked the site. I figured that I’d spy

Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi – MERGE & What it Means for You

Reports are flooding news agencies around the world of a confirmed Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., and Hitachi Ltd. merge of their LCD production values. With the recent disaster that is

Get Ready for Battle with These ‘COD: Modern Warfare 3’ Limited Edition Controller & Headset

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is coming November 8th and it’s time to get prepared for battle with some new hardware. PDP has announced the Call of Duty: Modern

Drake’s on a Plane Again – Amazing Gameplay Footage!

Are you ready to see some real-time gameplay that you would only see in an Uncharted game? This is the second video centered on the cargo plane. It first recaps

It’s DC Day Today with the Launch of the ‘New 52’

This is a big day for comic geeks everywhere. It’s the historic renumbering of DC Comics as they launch 52 #1 issues today. What this means is that 52 of

A Night of Persona News: P4 VITA, P4 Fighting Game and P5

Atlus is known for giving fans exactly what they want, but normally they do it in very small doses at a time. A few months ago, it was announced that

Watch the Leaked Agent Coulson Full Short from Thor Blu-ray

If you’ve been watching the Marvel Studios movies like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk, you’ll notice that everything is meshing together to create one huge super

Geek Spotlight: Anime Fans turned Store Owners

Ever liked something so much you took it to next level? Despite our economy in shambles, that hasn’t stopped one fan from pursuing his dreams. Meet the owner of Desu–Nation,

Don Cheadle Is Captain Planet

We’re getting a Captain Planet movie soon, but it looks like Funny or Die decided to go ahead and create their own version of Captain Planet, with Don Cheadle as

See How Badass the Avengers Are on the Streets of NYC in This Promo Art

The promotional artworks for The Avengers have been leaking out and here’s another one with the gang posing and smashing on the streets of New York City. Thor, calm yourself

Get an Even Closer Look at Superman

Now here’s a very detailed, clear shot of Henry Cavill in his Superman suit on the set of Man of Steel. With this photo, we can really see the new

Dead Island Is Almost Here! Check Out the Release Trailer

Dead Island will be out next week on Tuesday, so what better way to get excited than with a new release trailer featuring more cutscenes, zombie-killing mayhem, and that very

Dragon’s Dogma Box Art Revealed

Capcom has released the box cover art for Dragon’s Dogma. From the creators of Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4, the game will feature an open fantasy world

Get a Good Look at Superman’s Huge…

Guns. I mean look at that! This is how Superman should be in the movies. The suit is definitely looking very sleek, kind of like Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. I’m still

The Dark Knight RISES XXX Parody Trailer Will Get You All Thorny

Why wait for Nolan’s theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, when you can check out the parody trailer for The Dark Knight “RISES“. Follow Buttman as he gets into

Antec’s Latest Beast – The Soundscience A/V Cooler

Antec’s Soundscience a/v cooler allows for users to cool their electronics and have peace of mind.

Hands On Video Preview: ‘Kinect Disneyland Adventures’ at D23 Expo

At D23 Expo, the crew walked for 3 days exploring the Anaheim Convention Center to see what Disney had in store for the future for movies, television, theme parks

Commander Shepard’s Journey Ends with Mass Effect 3

Say it ain’t so. Commander Shepard and I have been through a lot these past few years and it’s sad to hear that he/she will be saying bye after Mass

God of War: Origins Collection Demo Out Now

God of War – Origins Collection demo is now available for download with Plus members, and for all on September 6th.

Kevin Butler Returns to SONY with New Video – He Only Does Everything

Kevin Butler returns to SONY for advertising campaigns.