X-Games 17: Travis Pastrana Out of X-Games and the Indy NASCAR Race

Last night, a hard crash left Travis Pastrana limping off the track at Moto X Best Trick. Travis had a pretty stacked weekend ahead of him and as always, he was ready to meet it head on. Following Best Trick, he would compete in Moto X Freestyle and that night he would be flown out to Indianapolis to make his Nascar Nationwide Series debut, which is just under the top tier Sprint Cup Series. After his debut, he would jet back to Los Angeles just in time to make the Rally Cross competition. It would have been just another weekend for a day in the life of Travis Pastrana.

Sadly, due to his injuries he sustained at Best Trick, he will no longer be able to compete in X-Games or the Indy Nationwide race. Earlier this morning, ESPN confirmed that Travis had sustained a broken foot and ankle, from an attempt to land a 720. This definitely puts a damper on him not being apart of the rest of the X-Games, but we wish Travis a speedy and full recovery.

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