X-Games 17: The Aussies Shut Out MOTO X BEST TRICK

This year, Nerd Reactor decided to take it to the “EXTREME!” and attended this year X-Games. Having always been a fan of Motocross, Skateboarding, and playing countless hours of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and MX vs ATV, this was a big dream come true for me. Having said that, I was astonished by how far the sport had progressed since I was a “wee lad.”

When I was still in high school, the big thing that everyone was talking about at the 2002 X-Games, was Mike Metzger’s Back-to-Back Backflips. It was huge for the sport and definitely took it into a whole new direction that would shape the competition for years to come. Just when backflip variations were considered “Top 3” material, 360s and Double Backflips took center stage. This year’s X-Games Moto X Best Trick was definitely a testament to how far the sport has evolved and continues to change.

Moto X Best Trick Winner Jackson Strong

"You think that was extreme, get a whiff of this."

Fans on-hand were able to witness the first Front Flip ever landing in X-Games competition by Jackson Strong. The trick had been long sought after for the past three years, but had yet to be landed successfully in an X-Games competition. It was the first trick of the night and would ultimately secure the Gold for Jackson. Just when fans where starting to get used to the idea of a Front Flip, fellow Aussie Mark Monea attempted a No-Handed Front Flip. While he did not land the trick successfully, it gave fans a preview of what might come in the upcoming years.

One of the big stories of the night, was Travis Pastrana and his 720. Having already set the standard with the Double Backflip, Travis looked to raise the bar once more. Before his run, Travis was quoted saying,“I don’t care if I win. I just want to land this stupid trick and be done with it.” Unfortunately, fans would have to wait until next years X-Game because both 720 attempts landed Travis in the dirt. The last attempted left him limping off the track, leaving many questioning whether or not it would complete his Pastranathon: Moto X Best Trick, Moto X Freestyle, Rally Car, Nascar and Rally Cross.

Moto X Best Trick Travis Pastrana

"Ohhhh ssss ahhhh ssss aaah ssss aaaah"

Of course, the other big story of the night was Australia’s Jackson Strong, Josh Sheehan and Cam Sinclair, taking the podium 1-2-3. When asked about how the Aussies have come on top this year, Gold Medalist Jackson Strong had this to say:

“We’ve all been looking up to the Americans and chasing them forever. A lot of effort paid off finally and we’re pretty stoked. I’m sure there’s a lot of Aussies at home watching and cheering on.”

Congratulations to Jackson Strong, Josh Sheehan and Cam Sinclair. You can watch videos from their runs below:

Gold Medal: Jackson Strong
Silver Medal: Josh Sheehan
Bronze Medal: Cam Sinclair

Travis Pastrana’s Crash

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