Safe Skies TSA Luggage Lock Review

Let’s face it, if something is precious to you then you don’t let it leave your sight, and if it must leave your sight, you better have it locked down. We should all be familiar with the nightmare that airports may bring us, mainly the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints. In addition to these gigantor lines that cause us to often miss our flights, the TSA also works behind the scenes as they screen your checked-in baggage. Rules are: if the TSA cannot open a suitcase, they will do everything they can to open it, including sawing off your locks or ripping your suitcases open. The TSA recognizes 2 locks manufacturers and if you are not using their locks, it’s going to be cut cut snip snip. Safe Skies is one of the locks manufacturers and will be looking at their combination lock and key lock.

While I am a big fan of combination “no-key” locks, I found my particular blue Safe Skies Combination Lock easily breakable. The U-Lock is metal on one side but plastic on the other. With none other than my hands, I was able to bend the plastic far enough to slide the lock off. This vulnerability is a slight cause for concern though since if someone wants in your bag, you can’t stop them from cutting it open anyway. The appearance of these luggage locks, in general, is a theft deterrent and should be treated as such…a deterrent.

My lime green Safe Skies Key Lock is a ton more secure as it provides an all metal base. It must be noted, however, that these locks cannot be considered entirely full proof as a couple hundred master keys are out there in TSA hands. Well, a small price to pay for a faux sense of security. Safe Skies Locks can be found at any travel store or on their website. Just look for the torch logo.

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