Star Trek 2 – Five Things JJ Abrams Would Say

As action packed, energized, mysterious, insatiable, and alien-like JJ Abrams may be, his movies are quite calm and humanizing. You’d think that with all his success he’d call a quits and live life in the Caribbean jammin’ out with Rhianna over a cup of some rasta holistic tea. I mean, he does do his own musical sessions for bits and pieces of his films. It would only be natural for him to transition into the music industry.

Unfortunately he is just going to drag his feet and continue with what he has officially begun to talk about Star Trek 2 which seems to have been pushed back for a summer 2013 release. What would Trek writers Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof have to say about the constant success and grander of the films JJ creates? “Get over it JJ.” “You know this is going to work, so you might as well stop while you are ahead.” If you really want to get an idea of what these guys think of JJ, check out when we sat down with them & listened-in! 

1 “Who put this coffee in my cup. I said it before and I’ll say it again – if it’s not shimmery in my glass I don’t want it! Now wheres my flare cup?”

2 “Symone (Simon Pegg) always makes me laugh and squirt milk out of my nose.”

3 “I usually come up with my ideas in the bathroom. I sat down the other day in Brad Greys executive bathroom over at Paramount, and as I was squatting over some serious food truck yummies as I thought: how could I incorporate my cool monster into Trek 2?”

4 “When I was a kid the likes of Spielberg and Lucas would read me bedtime stories about a whip wielding cowboy versus Nazis and a light sword wielding kid versus Nazis in space. Was a little bit confused, till I grew up.”

5 “I saw an episode of MTV’s Cribs. You think a refrigerator of drinks and 1,000 shoes is cool? Have you seen the pair of optical’s I have on my face!? Yeah…I have 321 of these bad boys in a diamond shelf just over my monster figurines.”

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