UPDATE: BBC has released the two clips shown during the panel online. They have been embedded below the panel description for your viewing pleasure!

I ,admittedly, am one of the many who didn’t start liking Doctor Who until it was cool to like Doctor Who. I long to visit the first episodes and see where the longest running science fiction series (It has been airing for forty three years) started. Though I am not as big as a fan as those who have watched the Doctor’s adventures since his early years, I still love this series to death. When it was announced that this year BBC would not only return the Doctor to the San Diego Comic Con but would also present the panel in Hall H for the very first time, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement.

The packed house was buzzing with excitement. Thousands clapped The Master’s rhythmic 4 knock tapping, dozens raised their sonic screwdrivers all at once while the iconic buzz echoed through the hall, and a giant orange Dalek eerily sat in the shadows to the left of the stage. The show’s producers were first welcomed before the 7,000 fans, then came the beautiful Karen Gillan and the ever so talented Matt Smith. I have sat through many Hall H panels over the years, but never had I seen a crowd in such wild excitement over two actors.

Matt Smith explains how excited he was to be at Comic Con for the first time saying “It’s the first time we’ve been here. It’s completely overwhelming. The levels of enthusiasm and passion – the costumes. We saw a great weeping angel earlier. Look at all the fezzes and stuff!”. When asked about the twist ending in the last episode, Karen Gillan answers “We had a dummy ending on the actual script for the read through. Then Steven took us out and showed me, Matt and Arthur the real ending. We started running up and down the corridor. Only Alex knew.” Matt Smith then said “She wouldn’t tell us. Steven gave her more power. How can you give River Song more power? It’s not fair!”…”some real huge cliffhangers coming up”.

A short clip is presented for one of the soon to be released episodes. It starts in a corridor with a voice saying “Bring me death, Bring me glory.” while a huge beast similar to a minotaur stomps down it. Rory, Amelia Pond, and of course, the Doctor, all make appearances in this scene until they all lock the doors to a single room with the beast trapped inside of it. Afterwards it was revealed the episode would be called “God Complex”.

Lastly a trailer was shown for the new episodes which would start on August 27th on BBC America. So much happens so fast it is hard to keep up, but the main shots are Adolf Hitler thanking the Doctor for saving his life and River Song wearing an eye patch like the woman who abducted her! This would imply, perhaps, that River song was brain washed or forced to hunt the doctor at one point. There are also a few familiar faces, but as River Song would put it…”Spoilers”.

The panel was a complete success and this was the perfect end to Comic Con for me. I certainly cannot wait until the adventure of the 11th Doctor continue this Fall.





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