Konami suite at Comic-Con

10am in the morning was my start for Day 2 at Comic-con and it all started with Konami. It seemed they rented out a restaurant and turned it into a mini arcade with some upcoming titles, including one we covered before, one we were excited to see at E3, another we saw only a trailer for at the Pre-E3 Konami event, one that has been delayed and the rest were titles new to us.

So the title that was covered before, was Konami’s MLB Bobblehead Pro’s . It was my first time playing the game and while not a sports fan, the game made me laugh, so that was important. I figured next that I would go to more my type of game, which was the delayed game Otomedius Excellent. SHMUPs are always great to play and the last title I really enjoyed was Death Smiles, but Otomedius’ trailers got me interested and today with no huge lines and 3 stages, I was even more excited about the game. Multiple anime girls with multiple weapons, blowing up enemies and facing tough and huge bosses or tons of enemies on the screen equal tons of fun. The game is now set to release in September.

We saw a live gameplay version of Silent Hill: Downpour at E3 and loved the more classic style of the game. You control Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner who has the bad luck of ending up in Silent Hill. To me, I haven’t played a creepy and exciting horror title since Silent Hill 3, and Downpour brings me back to those days where I actually was in suspense. The demo tosses you in mid action when Murphy is caught in a fire and running for his life from some weird “creature” chasing him. Eventually, Murphy escapes and is thrown into his first battle which allows you to pick up certain items and turn them into a weapon. Like the demo at E3, after a certain amount of time, the demo ends and you will have to wait for the game to be released.

NeverDead was another game that was playable. Back at the pre E3 party, the game was a video only and today it was playable. As the name states, you can’t die, but you can lose body parts, so it’s a trade off. If you start doing horrible, prepare to crawl, hop, and walk over to pick up the lost pieces of your body in the middle of a battle. Your limbs and head are your weapons, but lose too much and it’s dragging which could take awhile.

Lastly, I played Zombie Apocalypse 2. The best way to explain this, is to picture Left for Dead meets Marvel Ultimate Alliance. You have a team of 4 characters that each have their own arsenal of weapons and skills to deal with the zombie Apocalypse. You are free to switch back and forth between each member. I like the fact that each character is unique in style and movement as if you were playing L4D.

There were two titles I didn’t get to play: Birds of Steel, a dog fight airplane simulation game; and an Ipad/Itouch game due to time constraints. Comic-Con is a tough place to cover due to too many places being spread out, but I was able to hit both the Konami gaming area and the Konami TCG area despite being far apart.

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