Enter Comic-Con Day 1 Recap and Summary

It’s the dreaded day but in a good way, literally hundred of thousands of people from all over the US and even outside of the states join together in the ultimate nerd fest known as the San Diego Comic-Con. The last time I attended was back in 2009, it was only one day, and as numbers grows so does the con and the way it works. I had a rough idea of where everything was based on the one previous day I had ventured into the Exhibit hall area, but this would be my first year attending as press.

I had plans to attend a few panels, had some planned interviews and at night a party or two to attend, so my experience would be so much different the the other team members who had attended for years. The stuff I had planned roughly didn’t happen, I instead entered the Legendary Exhibitors hall to buy some of the Comic-Con exclusive items that included; SOTA’s Morrigan and Lilith Statue, KidRobots Evil Ryu, D-Arts Mega Man X Metallic figure, Special Edition Dragon Ball Z Goku figures and NECA’s Predator figure. Everything else was just normal stuff that I wanted from comic books to figures. I then headed to downtown San Diego to check out the Sega Arcade and the Nintendo game area for some Zelda Skyward Sword gameplay.

By the time I looked at my watch it was 12:30pm and I had to head over to a panel that featured Yoshiki from X Japan, Stan Lee, and Todd McFarlane. Afterwards, I returned to the Exhibit hall to play some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 back at the Capcom booth. After a few rounds I headed over to an interview with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. Yes, if the names sound familiar we were in a special Arkham City interview.

The night just started though, soon after we attended a special Darksiders 2 preview party. It was followed by an IGN party. And it’s only been day 1; well time to sleep and get ready for day 2. Stay tuned to NerdReactor for more SDCC coverage and pics.

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