Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Knocks Out XBL and PSN in Late August

Has Street Fighter IV come along and somehow you still have that itch? It’s very possible that you’re an ex-Street Fighter 3: Third Strike player who’s simply having withdrawal symptoms. If current popular theories are correct, then parrying and universal overheads will probably be all you need to get rid of that; and you’re in luck, because Capcom will be stopping by your (internet) neighborhood with the goods.

That’s right, 3rd Strikers, Capcom is finally announcing that Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition will be released on PSN on August 23rd and Xbox Live on August 24th. I mean, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m going to play until I pass out onto the floor in a coma of happiness.

Check out the trailer below for all of the new features and details:

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