Steelseries: Siberia V/2 Headset, Get Frosty!

Once again, SteelSeries, one of if not the best gaming hardware geniuses have brought us another sick product. The Siberia V/2 full size headset. Why the V/2? Another awesome SteelSeries headset is the original, which is a super comfy neckband styled headset. The V/2 is available in five different colors for the standard version, and in snow white for the Ipod/cellular phones. We tried both out, and they work magnificently. Even with my cheapo Metro PCS phone, this headset improved sound quality and voice quality by ridiculous amounts, most people thought i got a new phone when i tried a few test calls.


Firstly lets talk aesthetics. The V/2 is light, extremely comfortable, and has a very sexy, stylish design. With aggressive curves and sharp edges, its one of the best looking headphones i have seen to date. The only thing that worries me about the design is that the part that holds them on your head is tethered by pretty thin wiring. After a couple weeks of use, i haven’t seen any large risk of damage, but one of the wires did bent at an awkward angle. The V/2 is as simple as it gets to use, standard audio jacks, no crazy amounts of wiring, just plug them in and enjoy.

Sound Quality:

As i mentioned earlier the V/2 has great sound quality with both versions. They have great noise cancellation and can stand up to more expensive headphones such as Tritons or Turtle Beach with relative ease. The only thing that lacked a tiny bit was the bass quality. Although headsets are not designed to create large amounts of bass, its almost expected with this generation of competitors like Dres and Triton. Be it techno, rock, classical, or hip hop, everything sounded crisp, clean, and sharp.

Microphone Quality:

An awesome feature of this generation headsets by SteelSeries is the retractable and bendy microphone. This makes the V/2 extremely easy to transport and much simpler and faster to initiate voice chat sessions without constantly having a mic in front of your mouth. As mentioned, the Phone/Ipod version’s mic is also unbelievably crisp.

Tech Specs:


  • Frequency response: 18 – 28,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • [email protected] 1kHz, 1 Vrms: 112 dB
  • Cable length: 9.8 ft. (1 + 2 = 3 m)
  • Jacks: 3.5 mm/(TRRS jack for iPhone)


  • Frequency response: 50 – 16,000 Hz
  • Pick up pattern: Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB


  • Build solid
  • Great sound and mic quality
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Interchangeable cable length


  • Full size headsets can get very warm around the ears
  • Large, and catch attention when walking down the street with them
  • Not comfortable to carry around the neck (Unless you have a long neck)
  • The ipod’s version mic will not work with PCs.


$79.99 For Ipod version

$99.99 For regular

Final Words of Wisdom:

The V/2 is a great product for gaming and home use. But I am not sure if SteelSeries made the best choice implementing a headset for “outdoor” use. Walking down the street i got quite a few comments about the headphones and how huge they are. In-car use is also impossible due to the fact that it is illegal to drive with headphones in or covering both ears. So with limited outdoor use and no viability for cars i do not see much of a point for these. If you want an awe-inspiring headset that fellow nerds will drool over then these are definitely a top choice. Although large and distinct for public use, they did make for some great thats what she saids.

Grade: A


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