Vin Diesel Shares Concept Art of ‘Riddick 3’

Badlands - Riddick 3

Could Vin Diesel be one of those underdogs that last for years to come? The way his career has been shaping up, he just could be. For now, he and everyone else has got Riddick fever. I was pleased with the way he has taken the roles in the past, and am as giddy as a school kid before the lunch bell rings about news of a “Riddick 3”. I’ve never met the guy, but from a social media point of view, he really seems to be humble and appreciative of everything. In part because it was his birthday, and the fact that he is really grateful for everything, he decided to share with his fans an image of concept art from the rumored Riddick 3. The art was labeled as Badlands.

Here is what Vin Diesel had to say:

Wow, thank you all for the many wonderful birthday wishes, great videos, images, music and words…This is the third birthday Our collective has shared with me, for that I am grateful. has many of the birthday wishes if you would like to see them, they are heartfelt and cool. P.s. You all know how much I love concept art, well DT sent me an image for my birthday that I had to share…

Gracias por todo…Thank you for the LOVE!

Source: Latino Review

Via: Facebook/VinDiesel

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