AM2 Hosts Japan’s Most Powerful Girls Rock Band Scandal

AM2 was lucky enough to have SCANDAL, the world’s most powerful girls rock band, as guest of honors. It has been three years since they have been in America, and it was to the Anime, Music and Manga Convention.

To start off, they had a panels for AM2 where fans had a chance to ask questions and soon after that, there was an autograph session. I was able to ask a question during the panel, and my question was if they had plans for having a tour in Los Angeles any time soon. As of now, they don’t have any plans for a tour, but it was relieving to hear that they would want to have a tour here and that they love Los Angeles. After the panel I went to the autograph session and was able to speak with them for a little bit. They were about the nicest and cutest people I have ever met in my life. They were just so enthusiastic about being at the convention and meeting all their fans in America.

After the autograph session, they had a “Meet and Greet” session, which allowed the fans to go up to them in a small group, giving each fan a chance to ask a question to the members. The “Meet and Greet” for the convention, in my taste was too short, and I’m sure many people share the same thought about that. Even Suzuki Rina (Drum, Vocal, and Keyboard) said it went by fast. Although the time was short, all the fans were able to be closer to the members than they probably will ever be in their life. This was an experience that I was glad to have experienced.

After a long gap from the “Meet and Greet” session, the main event occurred at the third floor of the Anaheim Convention Center. There was actually a four hour gap between the “Meet and Greet” session and the seating for the concert. As for the concert, saying the honest truth, I have never enjoyed a live concert as much as I did at SCANDAL’s concert that happened on July 3rd, 2011. They put on a great show, and the four hour wait sure was worth it! I was able to tell that each member of SCANDAL put a lot of effort into memorizing their message in English to the fans. It was great to hear them try to speak English to all their American fans. During their song “Everybody Say Yeah!” all the members were so enthusiastic and getting all the fans to sing along with the song. I was also singing to all their songs. To any SCANDAL fans, I’m sure everybody had goosebumps when the concert started. I had goosebumps throughout the whole concert! After their last song, all the fans wanted an encore, and sure enough SCANDAL wouldn’t let us down! They played “Pride” for us.

Although each members of SCANDAL, including the staff had tight and stressful schedules, they have managed to put on another “Meet and Greet” for anyone who has purchased a 3-Day Passport and/or a registered hotel booking during the event at an official convention hotel. This event was held at Tiffany Exterior of Sheraton Park Hotel. The “Meet and Greet” event also allowed fans in small groups to ask any questions they wanted to ask. I’m sure the members was exhausted from the concert the night before, and the time differences from Japan and here, but none of them showed any form of exhaustion and were all really down to Earth people. I personally am a fan of Ogawa Tomomi (bass and vocal) and sitting in front of her was just out of this world. Being in front of SCANDAL was really out of this world. Even after the “Meet and Greet” event was done, all the fans had been blasted out of their minds being able to shake their hands and greeting them. Even 12 hours later, people were still bragging about their experience with SCANDAL on a SCANDAL forum called Scandal-heaven. Having SCANDAL at the AM2 just made everybody happy and made their Fourth of July weekend their best Fourth of July Weekend.

Article written by guest contributor: Kazuhiro Mizuguchi

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