Disgaea 4 Screens and Map Edit Changes Info

Disgaea 4 is almost upon us with a release date on September 6th. The popular strategy RPG again makes its return to the PlayStation 3, with new characters like the powerful Fuka and a brand new story.

Today NISA announced there would be some changes to Disgaea 4’s Map Edit system, in a press release from NISA’s PR Nao Zook:

"We did everything we could to keep the original Japanese version, but with certain rules and regulations we had to modify the system for the US and PAL release. Sony was very helpful with our effort in keeping the original version. 

However, we had to come to the conclusion to adjust the map editing system. We can promise you all that the gameplay and the enjoyment Disgaea 4 can offer doesn't change. I understand that many of our fans have been waiting for this map editing system, but there are more features they can enjoy via PSN."

So for those wondering of the changes to the Map Editing adjustments:

  • Instead of individual blocks to create maps, a number of preset “landforms” will be available for users to create their own maps.
  • Multiples of the same object, not including geo blocks or characters, cannot be placed next to or on top of each other. Character, map names and descriptions will be randomized.

Disgaea 4 will also feature plenty of cameos and DLCs from previous Nippon Ichi titles that include extra characters.

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