Comic Spotlight: Booster Gold #46

The latest entry into the adventures of ‘the greatest hero you’ve never heard of’ has Booster Gold battling the killing machine known as Doomsday on his own. Seriously? Doomsday? The beast that once killed Superman? Normally this would be a total no contest, but in DC’s big summer event Flashpoint, General Nathaniel Adam (once known as Captain Atom) convinced that Booster is an Atlantean spy who controls Doomsday via mind control helmet, thus making the monster a much weaker version than the one readers are more familiar with. This makes sense because good ol’ Booster would last less than the time it takes me to make chocolate milk in a toe-to-toe fight with a fully powered up Doomsday.

Quite an enjoyable issue from Dan Jurgens, which showcases a much more mature and heroic Booster Gold since his time on the Justice League. I would also like to give Jurgens props for setting the mood and pace of the fight scene which was done just right.



Seems like just yesterday that I encountered Doomsday for the first time. A mindless monster. A violent force of nature come to life. His march of death and destruction across the United States is legendary. He plowed through the entire J.L.A. on his way to metropolis. To Superman. Where he killed him. Here, on this different earth…this different time…the military has dug him up and turned him into a weapon. They have no idea what they’ve unleashed. Death on wheels, with no superman to stop him. That means it’s up to me.

That was an excerpt from the issue and it gave me goosebumps when I read it. The spot where I get my weekly dose of comic book goodness has difficultly keeping new issues of Booster Gold on the shelves. So if you haven’t hopped onto the Booster train yet I highly suggest you do.

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