Preview The Little Tokyo Design Week

The Los Angeles Little Tokyo Design Week officially kicked off yesterday at, you guessed it, Little Tokyo. The five day event will embrace the power and energy of cutting edge design and technology. The main encompassing ideas are fashion/body, robots/toys/manga, graphic design/media art, and architecture/product design/furniture.

Some of the brightest and the most ingenuity driven people in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan, all gathered to celebrate this two year in the making collaboration. Hitoshi Abe, distinguished chair of the LTDW and UCLA’s department of Architecture, councilwoman Jan Perry, dean of the USC School of Architecture, Qingyun Ma, and executives of museums alike were all in attendance to commence this great cultural city project.

The stage was set for opening remarks, acknowledgements, applause’s, and party favors for the feats that were hurtled to create the event.

A few gathered to break the cask of Sake(above) to officially commence the events to ensue. No one was going to allow for sake to go to waste, not even those involved in the design process. So what did everyone do? Toast to this amazing accomplishment!

After the commencement wrapped up with everyone presumably feeling warm and fuzzy, it was time to get some first looks at what some of the exhibits attending had to show the community.

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It was very interesting to see the response of people at the event. Even if you were not part of the invite, people living in the community were immersed in what was going on. The vibrant feel of openness and inspiration was all around. In the times that we live in where local state governments are bankrupt and struggling to stay above water, the presence of adoration was greatly seen in the eyes of everyone involved and spectators alike.

Art, architecture, agriculture, technology, and the appertain of community was the driving force of the showcased artists. Roughly twenty steel containers were placed in the immediate area of the Little Tokyo plazas presenting solutions, problems, and intuitive designs of communities in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and the world.

This isn’t your typical pay per view museum exhibit. This was about experience, first hand interactions, and artist awareness.  Although available was the Ultra Expo, Art in the Streets, Year of the Rabbit: Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, and Struggling Cities: From Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960’s. If I could imagine being a part of the 1933’s Chicago World Fair, then this would be a very close match to it. For those of you who are unfamiliar of the World Fair, it was mirrored in the Iron Man 2 film called, appropriately, Stark Expo.

Pod art, student, and sponsored exhibits combined with museum exhibitions, symposiums, and public events marks this on the map. Come join the fun this weekend with enlightened speakers, presenters, food, and artist for a guaranteed intuitive experience.

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