First Look at the Batmobile and the Batpod, and DKR Schedules to Film a Pittsburgh Football Stadium

Attention people of Pittsburgh! For one night only, you and many other Pittsburghonians will get a chance to be a part of the new Batman movie. On August 6th, Christopher Nolan and his band of misfits will descend on Heinz Field, to shoot a scene for the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. The Gotham Rouges(lol) will square off against the Rapid City Monuments(?) in the longest football game EVER. Filming is scheduled to begin at 7am and will conclude at 7pm. Casting for extras is opened to anyone 14 and up. If you are under 18, you must accompanied by a parent or some homeless guy you can find on streets.

Go, Batman, Go!

Extras will not be paid because WHO NEEDS MONEY WHEN YOU GOT PRIZES! The production crew will be giving away Flat Screen TVs, Autographs, Comic Books, Gift Cards, DVDs and Steeler stuff as well.

You must make a reservation over at Be In A Movie to attend the shoot. If you have registered to be an extra with previous casting agencies for The Dark Knight Rises, you still need to register at

Speaking of Pittsburgh, new photos of the Batmobile have appeared on the internet. During the Dark Knight Rises shoot in the Steel City, Super Hero Hype was about to take a snap shot of Batman’s new ride. Looks almost the same but it’s definitely smaller. The last time we saw it, it did explode, so it’s nice to see it in one piece.

Now, I could wrong but I got a feeling that thing hidden under the blue tarp is the Batpod. So, after doing some high tech photo analysis….

…..yup, definitely looks like the Batpod, and there is still those rumors floating around about a Batcopter. I guess will just have to wait and see as more is revealed.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to swoop into theaters July 20, 2012

Source: Super Hero Hype, Post Gazette

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