Steelseries: Shift To Epic Levels

Steelseries has always been one of the best known names in PC gaming accessories, having exclusives with many huge games such as World of Warcraft, Medal of Honor, etc.. Steelseries offers a wide variety of gadgets for gaming junkies, audiophiles, and most nerds in general. Something obvious that no PC gamer can be without is a keyboard, than isn’t it obvious that no hardcore PC gamer can be without a hardcore PC keyboard? Steelseries introduces the Shift. A keyboard with a revolutionary design. Here are a few of it’s main perks that really caught my attention.

  • USB and audio ports in the back.
  • Audio controls that don’t get in the way.
  • The keys are very crisp and sturdy
  • Fine tuned hot spots
  • Extremely easy macroing
  • Quick layer switching

Although this is an all around great keyboard, i ran into a few problems here and there. For some odd reason a few of my digital devices refused to synch through the installed USB ports, a couple being my Ipod Touch, and my Digital Camera. I didnt find a solution online so i am just assuming there are some limitations. The cable on the back is a big bulky and gets in the way sometimes, it would have been extremely easy to fit it underneath the keyboard with only the wire sticking out, so I am unsure why that happened. Also the wires are not braided. most high end electronic accessories these days have braided cables which are extremely important if you have pets.

Now, for the best part. Its called the shift for a reason. The “Faceplate” for the shift is interchangeable and Steelseries offers lots of options that include a few of our favorite games. Another thing that this does is make the Shift EXTREMELY easy to clean and maintain. Since the plate can be removed bu simply pulling a lever on the right side, its also a kind of OH *&^% button. Spilled some NOS on your keyboard? No problem, pop it out real quick before the rest of it gets sticky, and cleaning between the keys is a breeze.

This keyboard is amazing for gaming, i cannot stress that enough, but I found it difficult to type for long periods of time. The keys are responsive but a bit stiff and hard to click for fast typists. For somebody like me who has fairly average sized hands, I had still found that the keys were spaced out a bit far apart.


  • Height: 1.6 in (40 mm)
  • Width: 19.3 in (490 mm)
  • Length: 7.5 in (190 mm) – With wrist rest 9.5 in (240 mm)

Price: $89.99

Final Verdict.

The Steelseries: Shift is a great keyboard designed for gaming to the max. Everything about this keyboard screams that it wants to go into action. So if your looking for something to boost your game, especially in MMOs, than the Shift is a great  and affordable choice.

Grade: B+

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