The King of Fighters I for the iOS

First Capcom released a port of its popular Street Fighter IV to the I series that includes iTouch and iPhone, and now SNK PLAYMORE has followed suit and released The King of Fighters series on your iOS devices.

Yesterday, Japan released a nice surprise in the iTunes store in the form of The King of Fighters I. The King of Fighters I is a mini port version of King of Fighters XIII with 14 playable characters, which include Billy Kane. KoF I will also have a collection mode, illustrations and some nice extras for players. SNK Playmore has announced there will be a future update in October 2011.

The game will have 4 playable modes: “Team Battle” for classic KOF 3-on-3 battles, “Single Battle” for 1-on-1 fights, “Endless” mode for an endurance challenge with just one life, and “Training” mode where players can practice the Virtual Pad-based controls and learn combos.

Honestly being a KoF fan since 95, I was looking forward to playing this game since it had a very cheap price tag of $7.99, but before I could hit buy, I continued reading and found out I have the bad luck of not being able to play this game since I own a 2nd generation iTouch. So make sure you have an iPhone 3GS (iOS4.1 and later), iPhone 4, or iPod touch (3rd generation and later) to play this.

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