Charlie Sheen to Star in Anger Management?

Charlie Sheen has gone from starring as Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men to possibly playing the role of Dr. Buddy Rydell in Anger Management.

You are reading that right, Charlie Sheen is once again working with Joe Roth, who owns the right of Anger Management, a film made back in 2003 to turning it into a possible TV sitcom. The movie that starred Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson has a very good chance to air on the small screen, when and if any network opts to picks up the show, which has yet to happen as of this moment.

In the movie, he will be an ex-college jock who manages to get his master’s degree in social work.  He becomes a counselor to defendants in the criminal justice system with anger management problems, and Charlie Sheen will be adding more of himself to this project (meaning more girls on the show?).

Charlie and Joe Roth have worked together in the past on Major League, Young Guns, and The Three Musketeers, so Charlie is working with a guy who got his name out there.

Charlie Sheen in his last few seasons in Two and a Half Men was gold, he was earning more than a million dollars an episode for the hit show. One can only imagine how this will play out. The ninth season of Two and a Half Men will be airing Sept 19th, replacing Charlie with Ashton Kutcher.

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