Bethesda Teams Up with Deus Ex and Half-Life Designers to Create ‘Dishonored’

Bethesda Softworks is bringing out the big guns by having legendary designers come on board with the creation of its new game, Dishonored, a first-person stealth/action adventure. The game is being developed by Arkane Studios, who will now have full support from Bethesda in terms of time, funding and help.

Harvey Smith, one of the main guys behind Deus Ex 1 and 2, will be joining as co-creative director. Viktor Antonov, who created City 17 in Half-Life 2, will be helping out with the world of Dishonored. Imagine that, a game with the play style of Deus Ex and world style of Half-Life. You’ll be able to choose whether to sneak, fight, or set traps. Your actions will dictate the outcome of the game, not dialogue trees.

Finally, a new IP to look forward to.

Source: Game Informer

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