Here Are Your Evolution 2011 Champions

There was an international conflict that was fought on American soil this past weekend. Dreams were crushed and giants were toppled. The world’s annual premier fighting game tournament, Evolution, took

Comic Hit List: Lady Mechanika #2

The second issue of Lady Mechanika, the steampunk style comic book from artist and writer Joe Benitez, has finally hit shelves after quite a long wait. For those of you unfamiliar with the Aspen

‘Captain America: Super Soldier’ Review (Xbox 360)

For a game that’s being rushed to coincide with the release of Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger, the game isn’t that bad. Then again, I wasn’t expecting an awesome

SDCC 2011: Interview with Kevin Michael Richardson on American Dad and More

Again the craziness of Comic-Con came down on me and resulted in me arriving late to an interview I was excited to do. Better late than never, and I was

X-Games 17: Travis Pastrana Out of X-Games and the Indy NASCAR Race

Last night, a hard crash left Travis Pastrana limping off the track at Moto X Best Trick. Travis had a pretty stacked weekend ahead of him and as always, he

X-Games 17: The Aussies Shut Out MOTO X BEST TRICK

This year, Nerd Reactor decided to take it to the “EXTREME!” and attended this year X-Games. Having always been a fan of Motocross, Skateboarding, and playing countless hours of Tony

The Rock Returns to the Ring in THQ’s WWE ’12

While the “Great One” has been missing from WWE TV as of late, recently, The Rock revealed on his official Twitter account that he would not be waiting until Wrestlemania

Safe Skies TSA Luggage Lock Review

Let’s face it, if something is precious to you then you don’t let it leave your sight, and if it must leave your sight, you better have it locked down. We

MIMOBOTS: Boba Fett, Leia, Lando, Solo and Hello Kitty as Cute USB Flash Drives

Tired of the boring plain design of your USB flash drives? It’s time to toss those out… well let’s copy the files before you toss them out and let’s hear

Freddie Wong and Jon Favreau in Cowboys and… Other Cowboys

Cowboys and Aliens is almost upon us and I think it’s very cool that Jon Favreau has contacted Freddie Wong, Youtube extraordinaire, to help make a cool short in conjunction

A Video Game Song to Get Your Mass Effect Pumping, ‘I Win at Sex’

Jennifer Zhang, producer of the Street Fighter High shorts, has been a busy bee. After the popular short, she went on to write and produce a feature film. Now that

The Muppets Versus Cowboys & Aliens

The Muppets or Cowboys & Aliens – which would you rather watch? Two spanking new posters from both films popped up and both sets look so fun. Decisions, decisions…Well, not

Star Trek 2 – Five Things JJ Abrams Would Say

As action packed, energized, mysterious, insatiable, and alien-like JJ Abrams may be, his movies are quite calm and humanizing. You’d think that with all his success he’d call a quits

Have Snake and Ghost in Your Home Theater: Pre-order ‘Modern War Gear Solid’ on DVD

If you love the Metal Gear and Modern Warfare series, you owe it to yourself to check out Beat Down Boogie’s parody, Modern War Gear Solid, where Solid Snake and

Nintendo Video Service for 3DS Busts Out the College Humor

Wait, what? Are you telling me that Nintendo, the company who took the blood out of my precious Mortal Kombat on SNES, is allowing that Youtube video group to dirty

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Goes Gold – Bring on the Cyberpunk

Square Enix has announced yesterday that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gone gold. With that said, the game will be available on August 23, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360

Nintendo Plans to Sell More 3DS by Cutting Prices Worldwide, Promises Incentives for Early Adopters

The Nintendo 3DS was suppose to be one of Nintendo’s biggest items on the market, offering the ability to play 3D games on a portable system without the use of

Friday the 13th Ultimate Collection Slashes Its Way to Shelves in October!

That’s right a definitive collection of all eight Friday The 13th films! Not only that but you get a replica mask, a hard bound book, and a pair of 3D

The Empire Loses Against Stormtrooper Prop Maker

George Lucas has lost yet again. After the disaster that was Indiana Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, he’s lost a copyright court case against Andrew Ainsworth, the prop On the DVD Cover of ‘American Dad XXX’

Hey nerds and nerdettes. I’m pretty stoked that we’re featured on the DVD cover of American Dad XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody. With the announcement of the cover, the 2-disc