Remember When Silent Hill Used to Be Happy?

Yeah, me neither. Check out these Silent Hill: Revelation 3D set photos of a more happier time in Silent Hill, complete with happy nurses. You can see Carrie-Anne Moss being cheerful as Claudia Wolf. Producer Don Carmody took the photos during filming. Check out the rest of the on-set photos below.

Casting update: Heather Marks is set to play a mysterious character named Suki. A Caucasian girl having a Japanese first name… very mysterious.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is being directed by Michael J. Bassett and is expected to disturb theaters in 2012. The movie stars Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason, Kit Harington as Vincent, Sean Bean as Christopher Da Silva, Radha Mitchell as Rose Da Silva, Deborah Kara Unger as Dahlia Gillespie, Carrie-Anne Moss as Claudia Wolf, Heather Marks as Suki and Malcolm McDowell as Leonard Wolf.


Heather Mason and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand, Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her forever.

Source: Silent Hill: Revelations Facebook Page

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