Wet Circuits Power Strip Impressions

The Wet Circuits Power Strip came across our desks here at Nerd Reactor a while back. Promising protection due to water spill or insertion of metal objects (forks and such), it also promises prevention of sparks from carbon accumulation of plugs and overheating of internal wires. I was honestly a bit skeptical and somewhat weary of wanting to test it out.

So first thing we decided to do was run it trough the convention gauntlet. As we typically visit at least one convention a month, we decided E3 would prove useful for this. Everything was plugged in including cell phone chargers, laptops, and other equipment. No outlets would be available after we were done setting up, so it’s nice to have some extra power strips lying around, including the Wet Circuits Power Strips. I got to say that the Wet Circuits Power Strip did its job quite nicely.

Still at this point I was still hesitant about inserting something metal into the plug to see if the power strip will live up to its promises. It wasn’t until recently that I spilled some soda onto the power strip that I had to rinse it out with water and clean it up. Biting the bullet I took a breath, muttered a prayer, closed my eyes, grabbed a nearby metal fork, and jammed it in…

…well as I am typing this out, while not in a hospital room with my hair standing on end, I must say the Wet Circuits Power Strip did live up to its hype.

Wet Circuits Features & Specs:

  • Patented water-resistant design and protective materials allow for continued indoor/outdoor use of plugged-in machines when faced with rain, snow, or accidental coffee spill.
  • “Touch Protection” feature makes Wet Circuits completely children and animal safe – sticking tweezers or other foreign objects in the outlet won’t cause electric shock.
  • Smart Fuse and circuit breaker can sense excess overheating (231-249F) and discontinue any electric charges to prevent residential fires.
  • Promises four times the lifespan of normal power strips.
  • Price is $70 via www.wetcircuits.com

Available at: Wetcircuits.com

Price: $70

Website: www.wetcircuits.com

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