Star Wars Kinect Hands On Preview: Using the Force with Your Hands

If one thing could be said about this year’s Microsoft Xbox press conference, it is that they’re really pushing the XBox Kinect. Here at Nerd Reactor, we were able to get some hands on experience with LucasArt’s upcoming, Star Wars Kinect. Tracking your hand movements, players can hack and slash their way through the Separatists’ battle droids and use their force powers to aid them in their adventures, which takes place during the Clone Wars Saga. While talking with LucasArts Associate Producer, Davin Hitch, we were informed that the game will feature two player co-op with the ability for players to pop in and out of gameplay seamlessly. I will say this, when two players team up and work in concert, the end result can be pretty awesome. For example, at one point of the game I was able to seize a battle droid using force powers and then have my partner finish it off quite easily. We were also informed that there will be other activities such as podracing and speeder bikes.

While I would totally recommend this game for the younger crowd, such as my nieces and nephews, the game is lacking for the more hardcore crowd. During our play through, I couldn’t help but feel that I was on more of an interactive version of the Star Tours ride at Disneyland. I was assured though, that since the version I tested out was an early build, the finalized controls will be tightened up for release. Star Wars Kinect is due out later this year just in time for the Holidays.


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