Sonic Turns the Big 2-0 Today

Our editor, Chris, previously mentioned Sonic’s 20th Anniversary coming up, but today is the official date. Read his impressions of Sonic Generations!

20 years ago, the SEGA Genesis was launched. Unfortunately, the Genesis was lagging behind Nintendo in sales. SEGA turned to Yuji Naka to come up with something to compete with Nintendo’s ever strong dominance. Their answer was Sonic the Hedgehog, a blue speed demon whose speed is his game. Sonic raced his way into the household and propelled SEGA as a major force in the video game industry. Today, SEGA celebrates its speedy blue hedgehog’s twentieth anniversary.

I can remember my first Sonic experience. I played it on my uncle’s Game Gear many years ago. Speeding through Green Hill, it was unlike any other typical platformer of jumping and picking up power-ups. Just by holding forward, Sonic ran somersaults, loop-the-loops, and tunneled through pack holes, picking up copious amounts of gold rings. Suddenly, I didn’t want to jump on Goombas or turtles. I wanted to run the level again, trying to beat my previous time. And so my speed running with Sonic was born.

Happy Birthday Sonic!

Don’t stop rolling around at the speed of sound. (See what I did there) I’m super excited for Sonic Generations and hope to see more (good) Sonic games in the future. Let’s hope we can keep up with him another 20 years!


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