A Look at XCOM

2K Marin brings players back to the good ol’ days of mom, baseball, apple pie, and alien invasions with a reboot of X-COM, now known as XCOM. The game features a new origin story, that puts players into the shoes of Special Agent William Carter, who must put together an elite team of government agents against the forces from beyond. These agents can be leveled, upgraded, and decked out in a number of ways to better battle the alien forces.

While the game will be a first-person shooter, players will be able to access a special tactical turn based mode where Agent Carter will be able to command his team of agents to best defeat the alien menace. When out in the field, players will be able to hijack enemy tech and turn the tables on their foes for a one time drop or bring back to headquarters and modify it for their own use.

During the E3 demo, we witnessed Agent Carter and his team tasked with the mission to rescue a scientist named Dr. Alan Weir, in a suburban neighborhood which the aliens have already began terraforming. One of the enemies we encountered during the playthrough, was the Infiltrator, who can mimic a human, but once discovered, the human flesh melts off and reveals an alien foe that looks to be made up of cubes. When Carter has his back to the wall, he’s able to use captured enemy weapons in the field for a one time use to take out alien forces. In this case, he used a giant eye in the sky that’s able to rain down death, much like what the alien ship in Independence Day did to the White House. Right before Carter can get his hands on Dr. Weir, the aliens whisk the good doctor away into a blue wormhole. The demo then closes out with Carter taking in the sight of a swirling azure void filled with alien constructs.

In the meantime we’ll keep an eye out on XCOM which should be due out early 2012. But until then check out the XCOM E3 trailer from Machinima.


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