Attention Muggles! ‘Pottermore’ Revealed!…Sort of

The web has been buzzing for the past few weeks after Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, released the above teaser image on her twitter account simply saying “Pottermore…coming soon”. This sent Harry Potter fans into a foam mouthed frenzy, speculating what the mysterious ‘Pottermore’ could be.The Pottermore Twitter account gained over 83,000 followers quicker then you could say “Expecto Patronum”. Is it a new book? A video game? Some sort of marketing gimmick for a Harry Potter product? Your guess was as good as ours. Until today.

A secret memo was accidentally released to the Times apparently detailing ‘Pottermore’ as an online treasure hunt that gives clues to the locations of real world prizes. Throughout the United States and the United Kingdom (though it is not known if the scavenger hunt will be limited to these two countries) small prizes will be strategically hidden and only through the Pottermore Website, will you be able to find them. The official reveal of ‘Pottermore’ will be tomorrow, Thursday June 23rd, 2011 by J.K. Rowling herself.

I have never read the Harry Potter Books, but I enjoy the hell out of the films. This seems rather ingenious, since the characters themselves had to search for numerous clues and solve riddles to gain something necessary to defeat Lord Voldemort.

This memo could be accurate or be completely false. We will find out in a few hours when the official announcement is made.The Youtube channel ,where the announcement is to take place, is rather fascinating. The closer the clock ticks down to zero, the more owls that gather on the branches.


Maybe J.K. Rowling broke her soul into seven hocruxes and now you need to find them? What do you all think about this treasure hunt? Excited? Don’t care? Please share!

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