Shining Wind’s Blanc Neige Swimsuit Ani Statue

Check out the swimsuit version of Shining Wind’s Blanc Neige Ani Statue from Kotobukiya. The statue is based on Tony Taka’s illustrations from the 2007 PlayStation 2 game and anime, and is sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto. Blanc Neige is the fan-favorite “Ice Witch”, who is sarcastic and charming, and can be typically seen wearing a gown. In this version, she’ll be taking her sexy bikini to the beach. She is wearing a two piece deep purple color bikini, has light grey hair and pink eyes.

It will be available in September 2011 for U.S., Europe, and Australia, while Japan and Asia gets it this month.

  • Price: $69.99
  • Height: 9″ tall
  • Scale: 1/7

Blanc Neige is the first character from the Shining series to be donning a swimsuit from Kotobukiya. Her coverup is made of translucent plastic material that can be taken on and off.

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