DC Universe Online Fortress of Solitude Update

Fans of Sony Online’s DC Universe Online and Superman will have something to look forward to very soon. The fourth major content update will feature the next tier of eight man raid content with the menacing A.I. Brainiac taking up residence in Man of Steel’s Fortress of Solitude seeking to absorb Kyrptonian technology and use it against the people of Earth. Standing in the way of this rogue android are Superman and Lex Luthor in an uneasy alliance as wave after wave of enemies are sent swarming towards the players, such as a gigantic robotic scorpion and the Avatar of Meta, which wields a pair of deadly electric whips.


Those who are able to defend the fortress, will be able to deck themselves out with full sets of Tier 3 armor for tanks, dps, controllers, and healers, with designs based off of Kryptonian sunstone technology. These armors can be color tinted and customized according to the DCU style system. So get your parka ready and make sure you’re not carrying any kryptonite when you knock on Supe’s door this summer.


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