E3 2011: Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Takes it to the Next Level

While the Uncharted series has been repeatedly touted as one of the most technically impressive around, it seems to fall on deaf ears, as the sales numbers don’t quite match up to the accolades. It’s possible that with all of the talk about the single-player side, the majority of players aren’t away of how fun the multi-player is. Since we’ve already previously covered a lot of the things you’ll see in the multi-player, I’ll keep it short and sweet, only talking about what I experienced at E3.

Spray all you want, it's good aiming that's going to win the day here.

The first thing I noticed when playing Uncharted 3’s multi-player is that the guns have a lot of kickback to them. A hell of a lot of kickback. This means that players will have to take greater aim at their opponents, especially at long range. At close to medium range I could pretty much go full-auto, though I had to fight a bit with the gun to keep it on target. I didn’t mind this change to the gameplay. All it means is that players won’t be able to spam their bullets as much as they used to — players who take careful aim will be the ones who are rewarded.

With all of these neat little places to hide, the sprinting will come in handy to catch other players off guard.

Perhaps just as big of a change, Naughty Dog has added a sprint feature. So far I like the sprinting, because it gives a little bit of an edge to attackers who are advancing upon stagnant players (campers), and enemies using the newly installed mounted machine guns that can be found in certain levels. While I have been told that Naughty Dog is still working on the control scheme, and may even allow players to fully customize their controls, I really didn’t like the sprint function being placed on R3 (the right thumb stick’s “click” button). My suggestion to Naughty Dog: put sprint on L2, grenade on R2, reload on triangle, and leave everything else the same. Hopefully they think their control scheme through, as it could potentially, greatly decrease my enjoyment of the online gaming portion. The sprint feature is an interesting addition, and I’ll need to get more hands-on time with it in the beta to see just how much it affects the gameplay.

Jumping onto an airplane to surprise enemies is hella' cool.

I mentioned in the title that Naughty Dog is taking their multiplayer to the next level, and one of the ways they’re doing that is through their level design. One of the levels available in the demo takes place on a moving aircraft, and at an aircraft hangar. It starts off with one team in a moving aircraft while the other team spawns in a bunch of automatically moving trucks. I was able to jump off of the airplane and into one of the trucks, giving the enemies a bit of surprise at my bold move. Soon after that though, while I was in the plane, an enemy jumped in through a side door and caught me off guard — I barely lived through that exchange, diving behind some cover to regain my health. After this first section, the players are transported to the aircraft hangar area. In it, players will find plenty of things to crawl upon and hide behind. Getting upon the roof of the hangar, I was not only given a great view of the outside areas, but was also able to shoot down through the windows of the hangar. The level design in Uncharted 3’s multiplayer is looking to be really interesting. Naughty Dog claimed earlier that they were putting a larger focus on the multiplayer component than previously, and all signs point to that statement being true.

Uncharted 3 will be available exclusively on Playstation 3 on November 1st, 2011.

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