A New Way to Look at Pokemon

A lot of people, myself included, grew up playing, or at least watching others play Pokemon games. To us, Pokemon are the pets that our parents never allowed us to have, and the adventure we were not allowed to go on. Now more than ever, Pokemon has evolved into a highly competitive, and strategic game that is a lot like a game of chess.

As a kid that grew up watching the Pokemon anime, sometimes wondering what would it be like to actually battle my Pokemon in real time, like in a fighting game.

Well now my wish has come true.

Pokemon Type Wild is a fan made Pokemon fighting game inspired by big titles like Street Fighter, among others. From the perspective of the Pokemon master, you tell your Pokemon to fight and dodge on the spot. I was able to play some of the game briefly, and I enjoyed this game a lot.


A download tutorial can be found here. The download includes a program to set up a joystick instead of using the keyboard.

Now go and enjoy the feeling of being a true Pokemon master!


Sources: Kotaku

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