Marvel, Warner Bros., and Disney Not Presenting at Comic-con 2011?!

The New York Times has reported that the likes of Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, and the Weinstein Company will be absent at this years San Diego Comic Con. This comes as a major shock, being how they had such a strong presence for many years before. So why would these studios back out of a major marketing opportunity for their upcoming releases? Because they fear a negative backlash from fan boys.

I wish I could argue that is completely illogical, but unfortunately I witnessed much in my attendence to the con these past five years. I was in Hall H as everyone buzzed over the stylish and action packed “Sucker Punch”. Because expectations rose so high, it probably contributed to the failure of the film when it fell hard and was released with attrocious reviews in March.

I witnessed the first Tron: Legacy Test footage. It was the Comic Con attendees’ voice of approval that started production on the film. Though I personally enjoyed Tron: Legacy, it was a $170 million investment for Disney that did not pay off the way they hoped.

I watched a free screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World three weeks before it came out at last year’s Comic Con. I gave it a glowing review as one of the best films of 2010 (and I still stand by that statement). Universal was given the utmost confidence this film would succeed. The problem was that everyone else in the world did not exactly fit into Comic-Con’s demographic. The film bombed despite overwhelming positive reviews.

My point is that Comic Con has, unfortunately, had negative effects on some major investments for film studios. But now Marvel says they are on the fence about attending the largest Comic Convention in the world, which is just unacceptable if you ask me. So far Marvel studios has benefited more then anyone else from Comic con.

This may be a great opportunity for Sony Pictures who will present a panel for The Amazing Spider-man. Being the stand alone super hero panel will surely give it much more attention than normal. Other studios like Fox and Paramount are expected to present as well.

Unfortunately, the Twi-tards will once again return to ruin my Comic Con this year with a panel for  Twilight: Breaking Dawn- Part 1.

I can only hope the studios have a change of heart, because I would love to see what Disney has planned for the future. Maybe some Dark Knight Rises news and even updates on Zack Snyder’s Superman from Warner Brothers. I know as a fan I will be terribly disappointed if Marvel’s The Avengers does not have a presence this year.

How do you all feel about the studio’s fear of the con?

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