Hero Complex Film Fest Sunday

The final day of the four day LA Time‘s Hero Complex Film Festival, began with a screening of Pixar‘s superhero animation, ‘The Incredibles.‘ That was then followed by a special sneak peek of the animated spy thriller on wheels, ‘Cars 2‘. The preview featured new character, Finn McMissile, voiced by the talented Michael Caine, facing off against some very menacing motors and Mater once again voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, ran into some problems of his own in the usage of a Japanese bathroom. On top of that, Dave Mullins, the animation character developer on ‘The Incredibles‘ and supervising animator on ‘Cars 2,‘ was on hand for some Q & A discussing his two and half years working on ‘Cars 2.‘ He also encouraged all those interested in becoming animators to keep drawing and working towards their dreams.



Before the showings of ‘Iron Man 1 & 2,‘ the sons of the late Jack Kirby or King Kirby by his admirers, made a special appearance and spoke of growing up in Long Island and watching their father fill pages upon pages of comics. Afterwards, attendees were treated to a special never before seen 3D trailer of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger‘ and an appearance by screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The duo discussed how they never lost sight of the ‘scrawny inner Steve,‘ who was just ‘a kid from Brooklyn‘ that happens to don the stars and stripes. Five lucky attendees were also lucky enough to bring home five special Captain America retro movie posters by the amazing Paolo Rivera, of which only one hundred were made for the cast and crew of the movie.



After the screening of ‘Iron Man,‘ Geoff Boucher interviewed ‘Iron Man 1 & 2‘ director Jon Favreau and a special, secret appearance by Mr. Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. who just came in from shooting scenes of ‘The Avengers‘ in New Mexico with Joss Whedon. The two spoke of how the studio did not originally back Downey for the part of Iron Man how he had to work for the part. They also shared stories that took placing the shooting of the films, such as having to get up onto the giant doughnut in full armor in ‘Iron Man 2‘. During the Q & A, they also discussed how the pier scene came from Favreau’s own childhood, comparing Tony Stark to Howard Hughes, hanging out with Disney Imagineers in an after dark tour, hanging onto the real world while using CGI techniques to enhance it, and much more. Also shown that night was nine minutes of Favreau’s upcoming film ‘Cowboys and Aliens,‘ which looked absolutely amazing.




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