Hands-On Impressions of Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops: Watch Out for Exploding Dogs

While I was attending this year’s E3, I got a chance to play a little bit of Modern Warfare 3’s new Spec Ops Mode. I got to check out the Survival portion of the newly revamped Co-Op mode. In Survival, waves of enemies attack, and you and a friend must hold out for as long as you can. While surviving waves of attackers is nothing new to Call of Duty or Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops, Activision has included many new elements that will surprise gamers.

Spec-Ops remains just 2 player Co-Op, but now you have the option for Matchmaking. So, if you can’t find a friend online, you can meet many of the “nice” people that lurk on Call of Duty. The map I got to play on was Dome. It was your standard frigate yard map, but the layout offered a good variety of gameplay. The map was fairly large sized, and the developers let me know that it was actually one of their smaller maps featured in Spec Ops Survival. However, they would not disclose to me the amount of maps that would be playable in the final version.

We started off the match just like any other wave based defense mutliplayer. Of course, gradually, wave-by-wave, the enemies became stronger and more difficult. One enemy type that makes its first appearance on Modern Warfare’s multiplayer is an attack dog. While they have been in the single player campaign, multiplayer-wise, they’ve always been a Treyarch thing. So, now while you’re gunning down waves of enemies, you must keep a watchful eye out for those merciless K9s. As if dogs weren’t bad enough, someone thought it would be a great idea to strap C4 to them. Some of the soldiers will have C4 strapped to them as well.

As you progress, you will come across various Boss-type characters. The Juggernaut makes his return. At one point, one of the reps and I were facing off against two Juggernauts. One was a heavy-weapons class, and the other was a runner with a large Riot Shield. At one point, as the Juggernaut came charging at us, I couldn’t help but say, “It’s the Juggernaut, bitch!” I don’t think I’ll ever hear from Activision again. Two Attack Chopper also appeared at one point, so there is definitely a good variety of enemies that players will come across.

One nice new feature is the Armory. In the Armory, players can buy various weapons and upgrades during the game. Guns, Sights, Grenades, Turrets, and Air Support can all be purchased by using your points you gain during the rounds. For fans of Nazi Zombies, it will come natural to use only your knife in the first couple of rounds. One of the great perks I got to use out of the Air Support was Delta Squad. A helicopter arrived and 4 soldiers rappelling to the ground to help me get through the round. There is even a Riot Class that you can call in. At one point, I was confused because they remained in one area. Then I realized that I could actually move them place-to-place by simply pushing the X Button at an area my cross-hairs were pointed at.

Needless to say, the demonstration got me pretty stoked. I went through about 15 rounds before I was told to move on so other people could try it out. Even after that, I returned the next day to top my previous best.  I’m very interested to see how some of the other Spec Ops maps turn out, as well as seeing what they do with the multiplayer.

I couldn’t find any pictures from the multiplayer in Activision Assets but luckily, I did notice that Dome is shown in the mutliplyer teaser that was leaked a little while back.

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