E3: ‘Star Trek’ Early Demo – Going Where No Star Trek Game Has Gone Before

Movie to video game adaptations are usually poor in quality thanks to the short development time trying to release the game alongside the movie. With Star Trek, the 3rd-person shooter game, it’s not rehashing the same story and is being released years after J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek was released (so yes, they get more time to create the game). Looks like publisher Paramount Digital Entertainment is looking to bring out a quality product. It’s being written by God of War writer, Marianne Krawczyk, with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman helping out.

I was able to check out the early private demo with Digital Extreme, the studio developing the game, and I am very impressed with how the game is looking so far. The demo featured co-op play, as players will get to be either Captain Kirk or Spock. Like in the movie, you’ll get to see the different skills and personality traits in the game, as Spock will be more of a stealthy and elegant character and Kirk will be more rough around the edges.

The graphics look good, especially for a movie-to-video game adaptation. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in the game looks like their real life counterparts. The voice currently in the demo is not from Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto, but hopefully they will be doing the voices later on.

The demo starts off with Kirk and Spock making a jump from their shuttle to the Enterprise. Once inside the Enterprise, they find out that the ship is being taken over by an unknown enemy. We also get to see a dead red shirt lying around near the hallways (poor guy). Kirk and Spock explores further and gets ambushed by the unknown enemy, and this is where the action takes place.

Kirk has his own special Captain-issue phaser that he can set to stun or kill. Spock also has his own special Vulcan phaser, which he can set it to kill or stasis. With stasis, the enemy won’t know what happened to him when he wakes up from his frozen state. The same can’t be said for stun, as the enemy will know that he has been hit. As for upgrades, you won’t be able to upgrade your weapon, but you can upgrade your skills. Players can grab other weapons off of the ground like a Federation rifle. Another tool at your disposal is the tricorder, which can be used to launch a Federation shield, overload panels to kill nearby enemies and etc. With the shield deployed, Spock can shoot it to create a charge and have Kirk blast it.

Later on in the demo, Kirk gets hit with a nerve toxin and it’s up to Spock to save him from certain doom. As Spock carries Kirk to the medical bay, he won’t be able to shoot and will have to rely on Kirk to defeat the enemies. Once Spock puts Kirk on a gurney, he has to complete different procedures to heal Kirk, meanwhile Kirk has to cover fire as the enemies draw nearer.

After witnessing the demo, I can really say that I’m going to be looking forward to the Star Trek game when it comes out 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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