Snakebyte + DarbeeVision bringing you 3D with only an HDMI cable?

E3 had gaming galore and gaming accessories, one that caught my attention was at the Snakebyte USA. NerdReactor had previously met with Snakebyte back at CES 2011 and learned about how they had just started up and where they wanted to head.

At the time the company had a few items to showcase that included their line of Wii controllers, Hdmi cable and an upcoming Final Fantasy XIV USB PC controller which could actually also function as a PS3 controller. Eventually we got our hands on some of the items and deemed them very useful for fans especially the mini Wii-motes giving you the full Wii controller experience with about 2/3 of the size. It’s been 5 months since the first meeting and Snakebyte had a new arsenal of times to showcase to us.

First up was a USB set of Headphones, but not really Headphones at the same time code named Snake Bone. Placed near your temple with a neckband it sends a frequency that allows you to hear you music with nothing in your ear   and at the same time allows you to freely hear everything around you. It was weird at first until I got used to it, but the bone pulsing head-(jaw)phones uses a similar technology used by the army. The version shown to us was a final product but in time they also plan to release a version with a microphone,

And finally the big boy of the Snakebyte booth was the Darbeevision which is said to offer players a 3D experience in their gaming as long as you have an HDTV. The game demoed was Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and right off the bat you could tell a big difference. While connecting to a small box you connect an HDMI Cable from your System to the DarbeeVision box and another HDMI to your TV. The DarbeeVision Box gives a 3D-esque feel to your game by fully giving a better look and life to the background images making them feel like they are popping out. An image can do it no justice and explaining it would be even harder but you get the feeling that the image is popping out more without the need of an expensive 3D TV, which is a great alternative from spending a few thousand dollars. It gives you that 3DS feeling without needing to find that sweet spot and wont give you that headache feeling after anytime since it uses a different style to project a 3D image, the best part of the device is that you can choose how strong the image projects up to 120% allowing you to choose.. Price will range from $100-$150 for the item and will release Q4 and this is an object you really need to see for yourself to appreciate. The item will also work for your computer, DVD player and anything else that uses an HDMI cable and still give you full support.

While no image could really give you the look and feel check out Darbee Visions website to see some images and video they provided.

Snakebyte has some great gaming tech on the horizon and NerdReactor looks forward to playing with all these toys.


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