E3: Gears of War 3: Horde 2.0

It is bitter sweet knowing that the third and final chapter for the Gears of War franchise will be out later this year. But Epic has pulled all the stops on Gears of War 3 and I would be absolutely flabbergasted if this is not the best one out of the entire series based on what I have seen and played. A presentation, as well as a playable demo, were available at this year’s E3 and let me tell you, there is no preparing for what comes next.

Old and new characters put on their game faces for the final battle


We were treated to two parts, one focusing on a campaign level while the other focused on the heavily updated ‘Horde Mode 2.0’. Marcus and company are fighting their way through bigger, tougher, locusts but now there is a new enemy, the Lambent. These are mutated Locusts making them fiercer, stronger, and highly explosive. You can watch the single player level below being played by none other than Ice-T, who lends his voice in Gears of War 3.


The cinematic scale has been increased to unheard of levels in a game. Not only does this give a teaser for some of the larger Locusts you will have to face but reveals my favorite addition to the Gears of War arsenal, the Silverback.

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The Silverback will turn any player into a walking fortress that can also provide cover for teammates. Though it can be destroyed after taking heavy damage this makes players momentarily invincible, and I love being invincible. Next we were given something that managed to outshine last year’s E3 reveal of the Beast Mode, Horde Mode 2.0.

To me, the original Horde mode as challenging as it was, did get mind numbingly repetitive. Epic games has addressed this issue and created what can only be described as the most polished horde experience I have ever had. Instead of simply fighting off wave after wave of locusts, you must set up barricades, turrets, explosives, and Silverbacks first. Then, you fight the waves of locusts. When 10 waves have passed you will face a boss enemy which could range from a lambent infected to a pair of Berserkers.

The perimeter security you set up prior to the Locust Horde will cost you some heavy cash. How do you earn cash you ask? The best way possible, killing Locusts during the Horde.


Teamwork is the key to survival and Epic Games has given players multiple options to help their brothers in arms. Now you can easily switch weapons and give cash to your teammates. Also if you die you can spend your hard earned money to get back in the game.

Since the release of the beta, Epic has listened to the criticisms and requests of the fans. The result is what every Gears fan wants, a bloody good time that will not feel repetitive and challenge even the most talented Gears players in ways they would never expect.

Horde 2.0, the single player campaign, standard multiplayer, and the beast mode. This is truly a complete package that I doubt many fans of the series foresaw.

To me, Gears of War has always been second to none. The final installment proves that Epic Games has long abandoned the notion of ending the series with a bang, but rather with a thermal nuclear explosion that could probably seen from space.

Gears of War 3 will chainsaw its way onto the Xbox 360 on September 20, 2011.

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