Perpare to get Zerged!

As many of us know, Starcraft 2 was released with only the Terran campaign. Next in line for expansions, is the Zerg story titled, Into The Heart of the Swarm. This expansion dated for (wait, it’s Blizzard) well, we dont know exactly, but from Blizzard’s leaked financial plan, we estimate late 2011 or early 2012.

Blizzard has released information like they always do, teasing us continuously. Here is what we know so far:

1. 20 missions are included in the expansion that center around Kerrigan and her mysterious link to the Zerg.

2. The return of the Hero system from Warcraft 3, with new additions to the missions that allow you to customize Kerrigan for full effectiveness during whatever encounters may come about.

3. A new and improved unit upgrade screen, letting you to mutate the swarm to perfection.

4. Missions will specify more on Kerrigan, meaning this will not be like Wings in a sense, where building up a base and overpowering your enemies will be the best option. Precision control and micromanagement seem to be key in this expansion.

No multiplayer details have been release so far other than the promise of new units and maps. So for now, all we can do is lay in wait and hope for Blizzard to release further details. It’s almost a guarantee that specifics will be released at Blizzcon, but we don’t really want to wait that long do we? I enthusiastically hope that we get a great story like always and can finally know just who or what Sarah Kerrigan truly is.


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