Kojima Projects to Be Multi-Platform via ‘Fox Engine’

Hideo Kojima appeared in Konami’s promotional video the other day, giving us our first look at his new “Fox Engine”. Supposedly this engine will allow Kojima’s team to more easily create ports of their games so that they can spend even more time on the creation of new games. I’m sure the Xbox 360-only owners out there can get behind a decision like this.

The very brief demo of the engine displayed a jungle area that had plenty of shadows being cast by the foliage, falling leaves, and even a few life-like animals. Eventually, there was a character walking around; one that looked a bit young and sported a beanie and a backpack. The Fox Engine will be powering Kojima’s new game, and while the name does seem to suggest its creation being for a Metal Gear game, it could be for something entirely different for all we know.

Stay tuned as Kojima teases us all the way up until his next major game is revealed. Also, feel free to take a peek at the Fox Engine at work below.

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