Femme Fatales Ep 4: ‘Speed Date’ – Game Designers Beware

Femme Fatales is a new sexy series playing Friday nights on Cinemax based on the Femme Fatales Magazine. Each episode is a different story with a different female protagonist as she tries to deal with her own issues, mostly with deadly force (well that’s what I gathered from the show so far). The show is inspired by pulp stories, film noir and graphic novels and takes place in contemporary time. Since it’s airing late night on that network, it means we’ll get our fair share of nudity and steamy scenes.

Tonight’s episode of Femme Fatales, “Speed Date”, is right up our alley. We have Kevin Freeman, played by the dorky and lovable Reggie Hayes, as a video game designer who uses an online dating site to find that special someone. Thanks to his 100% fabricated profile, he’s able to score a date with a babe, Alexis (Daphne Duplaix), who turns out to be an assassin. Things go out of hand as Kevin is marked for death thanks to him being in contact with Alexis. Now it’s up to Alexis to help save both her and his life as they try to track down Raven, the one who can stop this.

For you Mortal Kombat gamers out there, Ho-Sung Pak (original Liu Kang) makes a small appearance. We also get a special appearance from “Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa (support his Luke Cage campaign).

Check out “Speed Date” tonight, June 3rd, on Cinemax at 11pm.

And here’s a sizzle reel for the Femme Fatales series.

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