Gnomon: The Art of Legacy Effects Gallery

We were invited to the Gnomon School of Visual Effects on May 28th for The Art of ‘Legacy Effects’ gallery. Legacy Effects is the company responsible for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesAvatarIron ManThorI Am Number FourCowboys and AliensThe AvengersJohn Carter of Mars, and many more. The exhibit showcases work of Scott Patton, Ian Joyner and Simon Webber.

Scott Patton(LEFT)

Scott Patton, whose Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Iron Man 2, and Avatar images are shown bellow, was cool enough to share a few words with me.

Check out the gallery, and links to Scott Patton after the excerpt.

NR: Being a local of Southern California, and just finishing work on ‘Pirates’, have you ever been inspired by what is presented at the Disneyland park?

Scott Patton: Oh yeah! Being a native I always thought ‘oh hey that is cool – I want to do that!’.

NR: Could you see yourself ever working on a project where you were creating the 2D/3D images of some of the animatronics at Disney?

SP: Of course. Some of the projects I’ve worked on already deal in the realm of creating a 3D image to be rendered into a full outfit, object, and living working part of a set.

NR: How was it working on ‘Pirates’?

SP: The experience was a pleasant one. Can’t you tell! Did you see the work inside!? (referring to the gallery)

NR: Haha, yes we saw your badass works inside. You practical run the place! Well before I let you wonder off, do you mind taking a picture with our genius-creative work of art, Nerdzilla!? He’s hiding under my Clark Kent-ish costume.

SP: Definitely. HEY! That’s me in your photo!

NR: Thanks Scott!



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