Bloodrayne: Betrayal Trailer Hacks and Slashes Old-School 2D Style

From 3D to 2D, Bloodrayne: Betrayal is a different take on the dhampir (half vampire/half human) Nazi slayer. The trailer shows off the action and brings all your favorite 2D

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Teaser Trailer and Screenshots Released

Ubisoft has released a trailer, new screenshots and more info on the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Revelations game that’s going to be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in

James McAvoy and Kevin Bacon Relieved About How X-Men: First Class Turned Out

During the shoot, James McAcoy, Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon were worried about how the movie was going to turn out. They weren’t sure what to expect. Is it going

Rift, It’s Like WoW, but Not

Thanks to our awesome friends at Direct2Drive, Rift was on half price this week! So we grabbed it. Released just a few months ago, the MMO Rift from Trion, now

Direct2Drive, Helping You Become Even Lazier!

Looking for that quick fix but dont want to leave the safety of your own home due to radioactive shark monsters? Then do we have a solution for you! Direct2Drive

Functional SNES Urinal

Waste of Classic Games or clever way to recycling? You be the judge.  JJ Hendricks is the man behind this interesting use of old video game cartridges. To put the

Sony’s One Year of Identity Theft Protection Begins Today

Considering the fact that 100% of total PSN users do not like the idea of their identity and information being stolen, the news that Sony is offering one year of

Dragon’s Dogma’s Giant Griffons Aren’t Easily Taken Down

Capcom surprised many last month when at their “Captivate” event they revealed the new Dragon’s Dogma. The game is essentially a mash-up between Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls

New Trailer for Anarchy Reigns – Leo Character

Anarchy Reigns is an online kicking-ass game being developed by Platinum Games.

E3 2011: Video Game Art Winners Announced for “Into the Pixel”

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment’s Software Association have announced the winners of the Into the Pixel 2011 collection. The art was done by artists from

Rockstar and Take-Two: Companies to Watch

Take-Two developer announced yesterday that they will continue paths with the Grand Theft Auto talents for a few more years.

Next Riddick Flick to Start Shooting This Summer

  Riddick is back! Vin Diesel Facebook’d earlier today: “GRRRR… David Twohy the writer/director just landed in New York with the good news. We can start filming this summer. However, there

Sony’s Longest E3 Press Conference in History

Keyboard cowboys, pad warriors and joystick jockeys alike look forward to E3 each and every year. And if you’ve been in the PS3 loop as of late you’ve probably been

Star Wars Art Deco and Propaganda Posters

Check out these awesome art deco and propaganda posters inspired by the Star Wars films created by talented artist, Szoki. My favorite has to be the Princess Leia set, depicting each

VALVE is Giving Away the ‘PORTAL 2’ Soundtrack for FREE!

    As if VALVE needed to get any cooler, now they are offering Volume One of the Portal 2 original score called “Songs to Test by,” absolutely free! The

Australians Goes Back in Time with the Ocarina

A few days ago, Kotaku reported that a French writer from the French site, Le Mag Jeux Video, had received a plastic ocarina and a wooden (maybe wood-patterned) pen as their press

What’s Ubisoft Bringing to E3?

Ubisoft has just released information on what we can expect from E3 2011. They will be having their own press conference on June 6, 2011, revealing new demos for their

Green with Envy is Going to Be the Most Coolest Movie Ever!

Here’s a romantic-comedy film, Green with Envy, about Gary (Jason Segel), who is trying to get back with his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams). Will he be able to win back

Sony E3 Site Says ‘It Just Keeps Getting Better’

What a funny tagline for Sony’s E3 shenanigans. A company that has been in a really bad light lately with hackers and security problems decides to have a tagline that

Six New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Clips – Spoiler Overload

We have six X-Men: First Class clips here and I suggest NOT watching them since the movie is almost out anyway. I’d rather be surprised by the new scenes in