See Your Favorite Video Game Composers at Q&A and CD Signing Event

If you’re a fan of video game music, you owe it to yourself to attend this event. Just two days after E3 is over,¬†Dark Delicacies Books & Collectibles will be

Second ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer to Premiere Tomorrow

Warner Bros. has announced that the second Green Lantern trailer will be premiering tomorrow. It’s been a long time coming since the crew wanted to create a really cool and

Rumors of The Avengers Film Stopping Because of Leaked Script False

The Avengers filming is still going on, even though Samual L. Jackson’s script was leaked. According to IGN, they have contacted Marvel and this was the company’s response. An official

Lizard Spotted on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Set?

Rhys Ifans is playing Dr. Curt Connors in The Amazing Spider-Man. If you know your Spider-Man, he becomes the Lizard as a result of an experiment on trying to grow

BioShock & Dante’s Inferno Music Fan? Come Out May 9th for Live Concert with Composer

Garry Schyman, the composer for BioShock 1 & 2 and Dante’s Inferno, will be having his own live concert at the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall at California State University

Nintendo Will Build Up Third-Party Support for Wii’s Successor

Even with the Wii being as well sold as it has been, it has arguably the worst total system sales to quality third-party support ratio in the history of video

GSC’s Charity Miku Nendoroid sell like hotcakes

Besides singing, getting her own video game, and dazzling the stage, Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku of VOCALOID can add another accomplishment to her impressive resume, philanthropist. Back in Early April,

There’s a ‘Core’ AAA Shooter Coming to Kinect from Microsoft?

Many so-called “core gamers” would probably laugh at the probability that there would be a AAA Shooter on Kinect aiming its sights at them. Well, it seems that Microsoft Games

E3 2011’s Exciting List of Games

Okay, gamers, are you ready for E3 2011? Nintendo is set to unveil their “Project Cafe”, and the Wii will give one last bow. There are also bound to be

Director Hideki Kamiya Commentates While Playing Bayonetta

Famous video game director, Hideki Kamiya, lets us step into his world for awhile to get some insider information on Platinum Games’ first game, Bayonetta. Near the beginning of the

SSX: Deadly Descent Character Video Teases with 5 Seconds of Gameplay

EA has published yet another video for SSX: Deadly Descent, this time discussing the character designs. They focus mainly on Elise’s new look in the game, and it is very

PSN Users’ Credit Card Information Not Being Used Fraudulently

There have been reports roaming around the internet saying that the credit card information collected from the PlayStation Network was being used to to sell back to Sony. The company

Image of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris as Barbie Doll in Green Lantern

Here’s a couple of images of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris in her flight suit in live-action and also as a Barbie doll. Here’s the description on the box: Carol

Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker Skateboards, Plus Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy On Set Images

Here are some new images from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy walking towards an NYPD cop car and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Catherine “Love Is Over” Deluxe Edition Details and Release Date Announced

Catherine, the Atlus game that really uses sex to sell, will be available July 26, 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Also announced are the deluxe edition dubbed “Love

My (Slightly NSFW) Impressions of Fast Five

(Contains slight NSFW language and slight spoilers. You’ve been warned.) Since my esteemed fellow colleagues made a podcost about the movie reviewing it and giving their impression of the movie,

Ninja Turtles Concept Art Reveals Turtles with Guns?

Awhile back, news broke that a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was in the works and that Transformers director Michael Bay was scheduled to helm the project. The project

Industry Analysis Compares PSN Hack to Microsoft’s Red Ring of Death.

Sony’s debacle can’t help but be the main topic for so many websites. Recently, they announced their Costumer Appreciation Program but some say that it maybe too late. VP of

President Obama Mocks Donald Trump with Lion King Birth Video

This week, the big mystery was finally solved when the President released the long-form version of his Birth Certificate. A development that made a lot of people sleep easier. Yesterday,

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Fast Five Review

Back for a 5th time with more octane, more hot girls, more fast cars and even more destruction is Justin Lin’s Fast Five. Vin Diesel and friends, head down Rio