New Trailer for Conan the Barbarian Online

Here’s the theatrical trailer for Conan the Barbarian, the story of the young Cimmerian warrior. We’ve got monsters, rock music, sex, violence, and Conan doing big tough guy things. It’s

First Trailer for the New Voltron Force Cartoon!

At last, today Nickelodeon released the very first trailer for their new cartoon Voltron Force. Voltron is just one of the many retro shows Nick Toons is rebooting. Pretty soon,

Zoo Entertainment’s Wanted Corp Coming to PC and PSN in Summer

Here’s a top-down 3rd-person shooter called Wanted Corp from Zoo Entertainment. This game will be its first game in the 3rd-person shooter genre for the developer/publisher. Those who own the

The Darkness 2 Readies Itself for Halloween 2011

It seems like it’s been a long time since we last saw Jackie Estacado, the hitman with tentacles and other sorts of darkness powers. The original developer is Starbreeze Studios,

Anonymous-named File Found In Sony Servers

Sony has released some more information on their findings to the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce today (yeah,

Warner Bros. Acquires Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes

Warner Bros Home Entertainment just bought Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes today. As a guy that likes to check out Rotten Tomatoes for the quick and easy Fresh/Rotten score of movies

Spider-Man Swinging on Set Mega Gallery

Now here’s a huge gallery of Spider-Man swinging around on the set of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s always fun to see behind-the-scenes of Spider-Man swinging around. You can

Second Green Lantern Trailer Hits the Web!

Yay, here’s the second trailer for the Martin Campbell-directed Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, and Mark Strong as Sinestro. The trailer

‘Priest’ Interview with Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet and Director Scott Charles Stewart

Nerd Reactor’s John Spartan attends WonderCon 2011 and got a chance to interview the stars and director from Priest. Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, and Scott Charles Stewart talk about their

New Child of Eden Trailer Shows You How to ‘Save Eden’

I’m pretty excited about Child of Eden, a Microsoft Kinect game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi who’s best known for Rez. Here’s the latest trailer that pretty much shows you how to

Ghost Hints at Mondern Warfare 3

A while back, everyone got all worked up over the Find Makarov website. So far, not much as surfaced that could give any indication that there is in fact Modern

William Shatner Scene Cut Out of J.J. Abram’s Star Trek?

Recently, Star Trek screenwriter Robert Orci talked with The Hollywood Reporter about a scene with The Shatner that was left on the cutting room floor. The scene was never actually

Sony Skips Out on Congressional Hearing

The ongoing PSN debacle continues. Just recently reported, Sony has declined to appear before the United States Congress. The House of Representatives sent a letter to Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai

Nintendo 3DS Falls Short

According to AkihabaraNews, Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata expected to sell at least 4 million units by the end of its fiscal year, but they only sold 3.61 million. This left

Japan Brought Maid Cafes And Now Irvine Brings…Hero Cafe

Hero Cafe is just as it sounds. It’s a cafe with a Superhero vibe. Fellow Nerd Reactor writer Narvin and I found this place just in front of the 24

Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Episode 4 – Mileena and Kitana’s Origins

In the fourth episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Baraka and Shao Kahn invade Edenia. Mileena and Kitana’s origins are also revealed. Although they are technically sisters, as they share the

Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer – Sure Looks Better Than N64

Nintendo has put out a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and it easily outdoes its N64 counterpart. The 3D models and textures are revamped

Rumor: Project Cafe Has Only 8 GB of Internal Storage, Discs are 25 GB

For as long as I can remember, Nintendo has always done things to prevent their systems and games from being pirated. For the Nintendo 64, they opted to use expensive

Nerd Reactor Podcast – PSN Edition

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about the ongoing controversy over the hacking of the Playstation Network. Nerd Reactor’s finest take a look at how it all started and the

Super GT Racing Cars with Anime Flair

This past weekend the Super GT qualifying session GT300 took place at the Fuji Speedway in Japan. A couple of the racing cars featured itasha designs. Itasha is the trend of decorating a car with anime/manga/game characters. The result was some unique looking racing cars causing otaku to go wild over this racing event. Even the race queens got dressed up along with the itasha theme.