Screencandy: Removable Fun

Screencandy is a fun new way to decorate your laptop, screen, or mobile device in an easy, non-after-sticky way. Screencandy comes in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

TOKYOPOP Garage Sale this Saturday in Los Angeles

TOKYOPOP one of the biggest Manga publishers outside of Japan brought American fans literally hundreds of Mangas stateside for almost a decade and it was announced on April 15th it

New MUST HAVE Book For Any Dr.Horrible Fan

Just recently received at the Nerd Reactor mail room, a new book on Joss Whedon’s Emmy award-winning musical comedy, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. The book takes you behind the scenes, giving

PlayStation Network in Final Stages of Restoration

Sony has updated that it is in its final stage of internal testing of the new system for PlayStation Network. The global network and security team are working around the

Trigun Movie Cast Confirmed

The North American anime company Funimation has confirmed to be releasing an English dub version of the widely popular movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble. The cast list is as follows: Johnny

PC’s RAGE Comes with Modding and Level-Design Tools

Yes, there’s more RAGE news today, and this time it’s about modding! Sweet! When arguing about PC vs Console, people too often talk about how much better the graphics are.

Rock of Ages – Use a Massive Boulder to Crush Your Medieval Foes

Atlus has painstakingly recreated what wars must have been like many eras ago. In Rock of Ages, you must use various units like war Elephants to protect your precious castle.

Eurogamer Expo Gets a Taste of Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12

At first I was going to be really jealous that Europeans were going to be able to play Battlefield 3 before me (we Americans don’t play much of the football).

SEGA Announces Remake of Guardian Heroes for Xbox Live

There are a lot of sought-after Sega Saturn games, gamers, and this would be one of them. Sega has just announced that they will be remaking Guardian Heroes with newly

RAGE’s Shrouded Trailer has a Stomping Spider-Bot

In this latest trailer for RAGE, we’re taken on an actual mission to the bunker of a clan called the Shrouded. It looks as though many missions will have you

L.A. Noire Remix and Soundtrack Brings the 1940s to You

Alright you lovers of video game music, Rockstar Games has announced two music compilations from L.A. Noire, L.A. Noire: Remixed and the L.A. Noire Official Soundtrack. L.A. Noire: Remixed features

Duke Nukem Experiences…Shrinkage

It’s one of the things that every man dreads. It’s that terrible feeling that something just isn’t being represented properly – shrinkage. Support the Duke in his darkest hour, because

New Assassin’s Creed Game Announced with AC Revelations

Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed Revelations. It’s not Assassin’s Creed 3 as many would have hoped, but it’s the final chapter of Ezio Auditore di Firenze. Online multiplayer will be

X-Men: First Class Character Trailers Featuring Banshee, Beast and Havok

Here are 3 trailers for X-Men: First class, each focusing on one of the X-Men team members including Banshee, Beast and Havok. The Banshee trailer is really cool, showing how

Flamboyant Thor Returns with 3rd Clip from Conan O’Brien

I’m Thor! I can’t get enough of these clips showing how feminine Thor can be, and thanks to Conan O’Brien, we have a new one to check it before Thor

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Specs and New Screenshots

Here are 3 new PC screenshots and the specs required for PC users for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Well, I think my PC setup should be good for this. Minimum

Bioware Delaying Mass Effect 3 to 2012 to Add Features

When I heard that Mass Effect 3 was coming out in Fall 2011, I was a little worried. After all, Mass Effect 2 had only come out in January of

“Roll a D6” Brings the Party to the Tabletop

Do you play D&D? Do you LARP? Then surely you must’ve listened to Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” before right? Well, this one’s for you. Conner Anderson and Broken

Wii Price Drop and More

Announced today Nintendo Wii will have a price drop. This was an expected move especially with the unveiling of “Project Cafe” at this year’s E3. The price drop will not

Grooving Power Droid for Sale at the Generous Jawa Droid Emporium

  Do you find yourself running out of power at the worse possible time? Are you tired of being left in the dark when your generators go out? Well come